Everything about the actors of the Malake Gedaian series

In this series, prominent actors have been used who have a brilliant history in television and movies.
Since the Malake Gedaian series is still in the filming stage, it is possible to add young and new actors to the cast.

The actors of the Malake Gedaian series

Roya Nonahali
Farzad Farzin
Baran Kosari
Ali Oji
Pantea Bahram
Arman Darwish
Reza Behboodi

Hossein Soheilizadeh – The Director

If you remember, this director has a brilliant TV series in his repertoire.
One of Soheilizadeh’s characteristics is that he tries to use young and inexperienced actors in his works.
In fact, he plays an important role in making people famous who no one knows.

Now in the series Queen of Beggars, there are young actors who have no experience in the presence of great works at all.
Soheilizadeh is one of those successful directors who has been able to win the majority vote with his works.
In fact, it can be said that people like the works he directs.

Where is the filming location of the Queen of Beggars (Malake Gedayan)?

The first scenes of this fascinating series were in the streets of Tehran. And after that, Soheilizadeh’s team entered Turkey to continue working.