Ghoorbaghe Part 11

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Nouri was a normal person in the past. He wants to steal from a park ranger. The Guardian, who is an awkward and weak person, confesses everything to Nouri when he was very scared.
He states that the substances poured into the salt shaker are actually a type of plant called the devil’s breath (a type of drug) that is planted in Colombia and Thailand when combined with American frog venom (in the form of skin). Dried and powdered, that particular frog delivers a substance that, when ingested or inhaled, affects each person and, when it loses its balance and normalcy, does whatever it’s supposed to. Accepts what is said and does it. In fact, he is at his disposal and control.

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Eventually, the guard and Nouri agree to split all the materials (which were very large and were embedded behind the old walls and bricks) into 70, 30. And thus the secret of the actions and abilities and riches of the wind-blown light is revealed.

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Genre: Ghorbaghe