Ghoorbaghe Part 12

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The film begins with Ramin talking to himself. He tells of a child who was born in the neighborhood where he lived. Both the father and mother died when the baby was born. When the child grew up, he was a weak person and everyone was forcing him and trampling on his rights.

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Ghoorbaghe Part 12 – Frog Series Part 12

Another scene in this episode is where a bomb explodes in a building. Soroush is looking at Nouri and his sister. He is talking to an old man. Suddenly a building collapses and all the people run away. Soroush sees Nouri and says to him: What happened?
“How do I know who detonated the bomb?” Says Nouri.

Nouri begins to cry and says that the old man warned him that the boy was harassing and raping children. He left his sister with him and now she has been raped.


I always had a small seat, my coat was tight, my shoes were small for me, my watch was asleep and I was moving ahead of it, the world is a small place for me. Sometimes I think I’m choking.

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Genre: Ghorbaghe