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Soroush explains to Ramin that one day, Mr. Nouri distracted him and he moved the hypnotic material himself. Sequences from the past are shown. Leila goes to the prison to visit Shamsabadi, but the guard does not allow her to enter and asks her to introduce herself. Leila says I am his wife and shows her an ID card. The guard allows Leila to enter and she sees Shams Abadi.

Ghoorbaghe Part 13 – Frog Part 13

When Leila enters Shams Abadi’s cell, she says to him: I miss you, what happened to you?
Shamsabadi: When you entered the door, you did not even look at my hand, I realize that you are lying!

Leila is crying.

Shams Abadi: I know you can not look at my hand, it is difficult for you to see that one of my fingers has been amputated.
Leila: You are important to me and I would like to know what your situation is.
Shams Abadi: You are all liars and I do not trust you.

Leila gets upset and thinks and decides to tell an important secret to Shams Abadi.

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Genre: Ghorbaghe