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Shams Abadi’s lawyer comes to the prison and shows him pictures. “Fawad’s father has promised to forgive you if we prove his son is a murderer,” he said. That’s why I collected all the documents. This photo is from the night. Leila is in the same street in her car and has a depression in front of her car. Lawyer: Leila is Nouri’s half-sister. Did you know The person who killed your wife and child is Leila.

Ghoorbaghe Part 14 – Frog Part 14

Someone has come to see Nouri. He seems to be the one who gives him all the news.
Anonymous: Did you kill Soroush?
Anonymous: Of course, this does not concern me, but the body was found by the police.
Nouri: His face was completely burned. How did the police recognize him?
Anonymous: Someone gave your complete information to the police.
Nouri: I tell Siamak to deposit money for you.
Anonymous: Tell him to pay more.
Nouri: Do you know how much money is that?
Anonymous: No, but there is other news. The police will arrest you sooner or later. They still do not know who you are, but they know that you are doing something here.

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