Ghoorbaghe Part 5

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Twelve years ago, four hunters from the municipality were responsible for hunting dogs. While doing so, one of them accidentally shoots a dog instead of a dog. Soroush, who escapes from the crime scene, eventually falls into the trap of police officers. he has to take care of the victim’s son and pay his expenses, because he was not able to pay the ransom. Serial Ghorbaghe Part 5

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7 months have passed since Ramin and his friends stole from Villa Nouri’s safe deposit box. He goes to Villa Nouri and asks him for money and a car. The brother of one of his friends wants a bigger share of the money and this causes them to fight. Ramin takes Farhad to a place where addicts gather and there is a responsible person. He paid the person in charge there to inject poison into Farhad. In this way, he kills Farhad. Ramin takes the car home and asks his mother to ride. Police search their car on the street and find a finger there.

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Genre: Ghorbaghe