Ghoorbaghe Part 7

Ghoorbaghe Part 7:

Frank offers Ramin to find some of those materials so she can produce them in her lab and share them.
“I never want to be with you,” says Ramin.
Frank: Why?
Ramin: Because you are a liar. Meanwhile, I can not be in Iran for a long time, the police are looking for me and I have to leave here as soon as possible.

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Ghoorbaghe Part 7

Ramin comes with Frank to get his fake passport. When he returns, Frank tells him: “I will not let you get in the car until you tell me where you got this finger from and where you want to go.”

It seems that after hearing Frank’s offer, he thinks a little. Now the material on the amputated finger is gone, and Ramin thinks of something new so that he can get some more.
Ramin goes to Nouri again to extort money from him again with a new trick, but this time there is a difference….

He goes to Villa Nouri. Ramin tells him: What was this finger and where did you bring it? I want some of that poison and you have to give it to me

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