Ghoorbaghe Part 8

Ghoorbaghe Part 8: Ramin and Nouri argue and Nouri agrees to keep him in his villa but Soroush is very protesting.
At the same time, Abad, who goes to the top of the canvas to check Ramin’s room, falls and breaks his arms and legs.

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New Part Of Frog Series – Ghoorbaghe Part 8

Ramin finds a girl in the yard of the villa. She is Nouri’s sister.
Ramin: Do not catch a cold. what was your name? Did you know so much beauty? You know, people hate me when I talk.
Leila: I do not hate.
Soroush angrily goes to Ramin and says: What are you looking for here? You have no right to talk to Leila.
Ramin: It has nothing to do with you.
Soroush: When are you going to do the work on your passport?
Ramin: Why are you asking?

Abad: Soroush, come and help me.
Soroush: I will come now.
Abad: Soroush, you will enter a bad game. Are you in love?
Soroush: What do you say? Do I have to answer you?
Abad: So why did you fight with Ramin because of Leila.

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Genre: Ghorbaghe