Release date of the Malake Gedaian series

The Queen of Beggars is the latest work of Iranian cinema that has capable actors and directors. The creators of this series have recently traveled to Turkey to continue filming, and this is a good opportunity for the actors to get acquainted with the manners and the people of Turkey.

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If you ask me, I really do not understand why the national budget should be spent on the travel of actors? Can’t they continue to work inside the country or do they have to spend a lot of money on this?

However, we hope that the director of the Queen Beggars series will not do this!!!

Release of the official logo of the series

The director said a few minutes ago:

The official logo of this series will be available to everyone along with pictures of its actors. The Queen of Beggars is a social drama whose motto is:
“Your today can be my tomorrow”

Serial Queen of Beggars release time

According to the news, the series will air in mid-December.
The first episode of this series will be available on our site for the first time and as soon as possible.