Serial Giso Part 3

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Pegah and Derna are together and Pegah pours orange juice for her; Derna is very sad and cries for her mother’s death. Derna says: I want to go to my father. but Pegah says: Now your house is crowded, when it is empty we will go to your father.

Serial Giso Part 3

To make Derna happy, Pegah takes her to a room full of beautiful toys and dolls. Derna asks in surprise: Who is this room for?
Pegah: Uncle Soheil and I are going to have children and we have prepared this room for him. Take any of the dolls you like.

Pegah calls Soheil and talks to him.
Pegah: Where are you? Don’t we have an important appointment today? I can not cancel this appointment.
Soheil: I can not come, do not order me. I am not your man. Why should I take responsibility for a child whose father I am not?
Pegah: We have talked about this before.
Soheil: We? Since when have you and I become us? I was just playing the role of your husband, which I no longer do.

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