Serial Giso Part 4

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Soheil finally agrees with Pegah to accompany her to the welfare introductory session so that Pegah can take care of her favorite girl of her choice.
When the two go to the welfare office, the employee and the person in charge of the department that was in charge of this duty tells them that before them, another man and woman were interested in this child. So another couple took care of the girl. Welfare has also agreed to their request. When Pegah hears this, she strongly opposes it.

Serial Giso Part 4

Haj Younes suggests to his bride that he leave Iran with his children for Turkey and then Canada as soon as possible through the preparations he has made, so that he can then join his wife after their release, which he strongly opposes. Encountered. Simultaneously with these events, Reza is again summoned by the Agahi police to provide some explanations.

Pegah, who goes to Dorsa’s parents after the airport, is severely attacked by Dorsa’s father.

It turns out that Pegah is still interested in Soheil; but because of her innate pride and arrogance, she refuses to express it.

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