Serial Gisoo Part 14

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Lucia finds her real mother but for some reason does not want to see her. Soheil also wants to divorce his wife, Pegah, but in the meantime, Pegah still loves him.

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A woman comes to Pegah’s house and wants to give her child to Pegah in exchange for money.
Pegah: You have to reassure me that you will not be looking for me in a few years
Anonymous woman: So I have to tell my husband not to regret it for a while…

Peyman goes to Lucia’s mother’s house with Lucia and Reza. Lucia does not treat her warmly, but her mother shows a photo album. “I do not want to put you under pressure, so we wait until we get the results of the DNA test so that you do not get bothered,” she says.

Soheil goes to the bank with the documents so that he can withdraw the money from the account, but the bank employee tells him that the account holder has died and that is why the head ordered the account to be blocked and he cannot withdraw money from the account.

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