Serial Gisoo Part 2

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The film begins with a sequence in which a man and a woman leave a restaurant. Another person is chasing and photographing them.
Unknown man: Do not get too close to him. Keep that distance.
Assistant: How far should we go after him?
Unknown man: Go and tell you. Drive so that I can shoot at his car tires from this distance.

Serial Gisoo Part 2 ( Serial Giso Part 2 For Free)

Soheil is racing in the field. Several of his friends and companions ask him to practice with his car. While driving, the car turns left and causes a lot of damage to the car. Soheil, who did not even pay for the car insurance, had to pay a very heavy price.

After separating and leaving home, Soheil went to an inn, he could not even afford to pay the rent there, and he owed a one-month stay there. Eventually he has to give his expensive watch to the person in charge as a guarantee so that he can compensate for his overdue rent.

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Genre: Serial Giso