Serial Malake Gedaian Part 11 Free Download

Malake Gedaian Part 11: As usual, this episode also begins with a recollection of events from the past. Shabir and Khosrokhan are sitting in a restaurant. Shabir gives a boy to Khosr Khan in exchange for money, and Khosrow accepts him as his son.

It seems very strange for Alborz. That Shabir was his real father and sold him to Khosrow as a child.

Free Download Serial Malake Gedayan Part 11

Aria makes an appointment with Alborz in a restaurant and during this meeting she tries to get his opinion to talk to Afra and convince him. In his opinion, Farhad is Afra’s brother and helps him, while we all know that Alborz loves Afra and looks at him as a rival and annoying.

Synopsis Of New Episode Of Queen of Beggars | Malake Gedaian Part 11

On the other side of the story, Aria has celebrated Siamak’s birthday. Aria gets drunk and at the same time, one of the girls asks him questions about his love for Afra and Aria confesses in a drunken state that he loves Afra but cannot marry her. The girl takes a video of Aria and shares her video on Instagram.

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