Serial Malake Gedaian Part 12 Free Download

Malake Gedaian Part 12: Dariush’s lawyer, Fariba, talks to Alborz. Fariba talks about her love for Dariush.
Fariba: I had a hard life. My husband was addicted. I could hardly pull myself out of that mire. After that, I studied and got a law degree. I have built a better life for myself and my daughter now. I’m interested in Dariush and do not want to do anything wrong again.
Alborz: What can I do?

Free Download Serial Malake Gedayan Part 12

Fariba: Find Dariush and tell her these things. No matter how much you procrastinate, it may be too late. Talk to him tonight.

Synopsis Of Latest Episode Of Queen of Beggars | Malake Gedaian Part 12

Parsa comes to Shabir’s house. Afra Parsa destroys his house and belongings. Parsa threatens Shabir with death. But Shabir is not afraid of these words.
Shabir: I do not talk to people like you. I only talk to the queen.
Parsa: Be sure to face it.
Shabir: If you do this, I will give you a reward. Then he laughs.

On the other side of the case, Noushin asks Aria for money so that he does not share the rest of his films on Instagram.

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