Serial Malake Gedaian Part 13 Free Download

Malake Gedaian Part 13: As always, the film begins with scenes from the past. At the time, Alborz was making a drug in his lab that could cure all ailments, but it was also a powerful drug. One of the assistants consumed it during the experiment and was very satisfied.

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Sara coordinates with one of the people there and surprises Alborz.
Alborz: What are you doing here?
Sarah: I came to surprise my husband.
Alborz: Did you come with your mother?
Sarah: No, the mother is waiting for her son-in-law to come to Iran
Alborz: But do you know that I have a problem?
Sarah: I know, I was joking.

Serial Malake Gedaian Part 13

Parsa and his men take Alborz to the laboratory and hit him on the head to make him unconscious. When Alborz regains consciousness, he finds himself next to Sarah in the laboratory. Sarah talks to him and tells him: The queen has brought you here to make drugs for her.

Alborz gets nervous and says: I have not been so dishonest yet that I want to work with the queen’s order, you better think for yourself.

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