Serial Malake Gedaian Part 5

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Serial Malake Gedaian Part 5

The new episode starts with flashbacks from the past. Khorshid Khanum and Khosrokhan lived happily together. They had two children named Alborz and Cheshmeh. One day when they were born, they bought cakes and were walking to their kindergarten to celebrate their birthdays.

New Events In Malake Gedaian – New Episode

When they get to the nursery, they find that there is a fire. Khosr Khan shouts and Ms. Khorshid cries. Alborz and Sara are sitting in a cafe and you are talking. So far it has been said that Sara tells truths to Alborz that are very difficult for her to accept. Sarah asks Alborz to both flee and leave the country, but Alborz, who is looking for her facts and identity, can’t even think about this idea. Alborz goes to Muftabad again to talk to Afra. Afra, who was instructed yesterday by the queen and her lawyer, Parsa, to addict Alborz by injecting him with a syringe in his sleep, but discusses the matter with Alborz and saves him from the next death.

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