Serial Malake Gedaian Part 9

Serial Malake Gedaian Part 9: In the flashbacks of the series, which go back to twenty years ago; it is clear that Khosrow and Jalal run a company with the help of each other and in partnership. On one of these days, Jalal notices suspicious acts regarding the clearance of quantities of goods that Khosrow had signed on the papers.

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Also, one of the employees of the company, who is in fact Khosrow’s sister-in-law, testifies as a witness that Khosrow took the mentioned goods out of the warehouse. However, it seems that all this was a slipper; and in fact, the differences between Khosrow Shams’ family and Leia were due to this incident.

Afra, who is very angry with the events of the previous day; goes to his father Shabir’s house again and regrets that on the very day he was begging with the infant at the crossroads; Arya and his mother had to go there. Shabir states that the queen was definitely behind these events. Parsa, who had gone to Sarah’s house with Dariush the same day….

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