Serial Malake Gedayan Part 15

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The initial scenes show a time when the Khorshid was not happy at all with the arrival of Alborz. She kept asking Khosrow where he had brought this child from, and Khosrow did not give her the right answer.

Alborz and Parsa are talking in the laboratory. He says to Parsa: If you just wanted me to make drugs for you, why did you deny my identity? What did you do with my parents?
Parsa: You will understand these facts soon.

Serial Malake Gedayan Part 15

In Serial Malake Gedaian Part 15,

Alborz: I want an assistant. And looks at the pious.
Parsa looks at Sarah. Alborz says: She can not, only Afra.
Parsa: Who? Are you kidding? Do not fall in love with Afra, the dear doctor. Everything she did was according to plan. Afra is the right hand of the queen. Apparently, she knew her job well and you were deceived!

Alborz: I have heard a lot of this nonsense so far. Only Afra. If Afra is not here, I will not produce a single drop of material.

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