Serial Malake Gedayan Part 16

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Mahnaz warns Afra that her love will eventually become a problem for her and she should take care of herself. Khorshid is suspicious of the drugs given to Khosrow, so she takes a picture of them and sends them to a doctor and…

Serial Malake Gedayan Part 16 – سریال ملکه گدایان قسمت 16

In Serial Malake Gedaian Part 16,

Parsa goes to the queen and talks to her about new customers and contracts.
Queen: Have you ever fallen in love?
Parsa: Yes, ma’am, your love changed my life.
Queen: Do you love me?
Parsa: It is not clear?
Queen: Will you marry me?
Parsa: Marriage?
Queen: No, you are not in love!
Parsa: If I were not afraid, I would have offered it to you a hundred times.
QUEEN: So are we getting married?
Parsa: What happened to Arya? You know he doesn’t like me.
Queen: No one is going to know! This is something between you and me. I do not want to force you.
Parsa: Honey, does that mean we should not have a wedding?

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