Who is the Main actress of the Malake Gedaian?

Main actress of Malake Gedaian Series

As mentioned in the previous post, the agents of this series arrived in Turkey from Tehran to continue filming.
Not much information is available about this social drama, but we are able to find out who plays the lead role here.
In the series Queen of Beggars, new actors have been used, but they do not have the main role, but their role is somewhat important.

The main actoress of Malake Gedaian

According to speculations, Baran Kowsari seems to play the main role in this series. Baran is one of the most famous and marginal actors in Iranian cinema who has recently made statements about politics and society that have not been well received by many.

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Biography of Baran Kowsari

Date of birth: 1364/7/25
Place of birth: Tehran
Main language: Persian
Education: Graduated from Surah Conservatory
His first work: The best dad in the world
The best work from the audience’s point of view: Sahebadlan
Nominated for Best Actor in 2008
Winner of Crystal Simorgh for Best Actor in a Leading Role

The recent controversy of this actor

After the crash of a Ukrainian Boeing, Baran Kowsari took to Instagram to urge people to gather in Freedom Square to protest.
Her request was met with strong security reactions and he was even taken to prison for hours.